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Legal training at your service

Flichy Grangé Avocats assists companies with their employment law issues, by raising the awareness of management or managers about a reform or a particular issue (management of variable pay, employer's criminal risk, restructuring news, renegotiation of supplementary social protection schemes, etc.), deciphering essential information for them and answering all their questions. 

Our firm is licensed as a training organisation and as such referenced on Datadock, and is registered with the DIRECCTE d'Ile de France as a professional training provider under the n° 11754428875. 
We offer a wide range of training courses in line with the latest developments, as employment law is a subject that is constantly evolving.

The firm participates in government and employer focus groups on the evolution of labour law. Its partners take part in national and international conferences. It is also particularly involved in labour law through professional associations such as Avosial, an association of lawyers in France specialising in employment law. With lawyers from a wide variety of backgrounds (top tier French law schools, Sciences Po, HEC, etc.) and from different professional backgrounds (university professors, in-house counsel, etc.), the Firm is a true partner to legal and human resources departments.

Our eleven areas of expertise enable us to grasp the most complex technical issues in key areas and all our training is provided by our practicing lawyers who are experts in the field and by consultant professors, most of the time several of them with complementary expertise in employment law.

Our Training Offers

“Workshops for you”

A precise analysis of your needs will enable us to personalise all our catalogue training courses (adaptation to your specific features such as collective agreements, context, company culture, trainee profile, training objectives, etc.) or to create a customised training course for your teams (joint definition of the specifications and creation of modules specific to your company).

All our programmes can be built with you for tailor-made training. You can choose an existing training course from our catalogue or contact us to create a format that suits you on the theme of your choice.

The service includes a framing interview and the creation of a tailor-made training course adapted to your needs with a dedicated presentation support.

Our training courses are provided by practicing lawyers who are experts in the field and consultant professors, most of the time several of them, with complementary expertise in employment law.

A few examples of the custom designed trainings:
  • - French labour law at a glance
  • - Employment law explained to managers or anticipating disputes
  • - The essentials for chairing the CSE (Works Council)
  • - Managing criminal risk in labour law
  • - Securing subcontracting
  • - Securing the use of fixed-term contracts

You can also choose any training from our main catalogue

  • Implementing or modifying remote work in the company : the instruction manual following the National Interprofessional Agreement
  • Reorganizing the company and adjusting the workforce: forced or voluntary layoffs
  • Employee savings and retirement savings (incentive schemes, profit-sharing, PEE, PERECO) : News - from the Pacte law to future reform projects
  • Saving time by controlling working hours
  • How to react to criminal investigations
  • How to react to occupational illnesses and workplace accidents
  • Social Security Administration (URSSAF) audits
  • Managing Religion in the Workplace
  • Equality between men and women
  • International mobility of employees
  • How to deal with accusations of harassment
  • Vocational training: understanding the issues for optimal implementation
  • Compulsory negotiations in the company
  • Employee shareholding, an opportunity
  • New technologies and employees
  • Properly managing the Works Council and its health and safety committee
  • Employee variable compensation
  • End of career and retirement management
  • Company transfers, anticipating the impact on employment contracts and collective statuses
  • Preventing Discrimination

Who’s it for? 

  • Executives, HR directors, lawyers, managers...
  • For a manager, a team or a department, in France or abroad
  • Tailor-made training programs in French, English or Italian
  • Online or on your premises

The benefits

  • A personalised programme 
  • One or more experts in the field are dedicated to you
  • A personalised presentation support
  • Great flexibility to meet your needs
  • Possibility of training in English and Italian
  • A certificate issued at the end of the training course 
  • An evaluation questionnaire