Supplementary pension, contingency and health schemes

Our Pension and Contingency practice team can assist you with setting up complementary health and contingency schemes, as well as supplementary schemes, to benefit the workforce and upper-echelon executives.

Our team can advise at each stage of the process regarding setting up, modifying, or terminating such schemes. It can also advise you in the event of transfer operations, by assessing the impact of a change in employer on workforce entitlements, or in the event of an URSSAF audit pertaining to exemption requirements. Specific benefits can be set up for pensioners or certain staff categories.

The ongoing legislative campaign to reform France’s pension schemes (basic State pension, complementary- (retraite complémentaire), and supplementary pensions (known as retraite supplémentaire)) will give employers a chance to reassess their pension arrangements for all or part of the workforce, or even for upper-echelon executives (defined-benefits scheme with guaranteed rights, collective company retirement saving plan for all employees (instead of the previously denominated “PERCO”), mandatory company retirement saving scheme for specific categories of employees (instead of the former defined dues scheme)). What will happen to the former pension schemes will also have to be dealt with.

Thanks to the team’s considerable experience with the institutions, your company can rely upon a negotiated, pragmatic approach towards insurance firms, brokers, and intermediaries.