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Training policy & initiatives, work/study contracts, annual review, financing

The law covering vocational training (“formation professionnelle”) requires that employers, backed by the various trade-branches and by the training agencies, carry out an ambitious training policy. In recent years, reforms have created many new opportunities to reach this goal.  Taking advantage of these will mean acquiring a good grasp of increasingly complex legislation.  Our Vocational Training Practice (Pôle Formation professionnelle) will explain existing arrangements and advise you on how to best to implement a suitable policy. 

On a day-to-day basis, we advise and represent employers, training entities and agencies, and trade-branches. We accompany businesses in the elaboration of their training policies, in the implementation of their career-evolution interviews, or in the negotiation of collective agreements concerning the organization of these interviews as well as the employer’s contribution to the employee’s personal training account (CPF).

We also assist the “OPCO” training agencies undergoing changes to their legal or organizational status.