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L&E Global is the world’s very first international integrated legal alliance which specializes in providing counsel on cross-border labor and employment law issues.

L&E Global is unique because it provides employment law counsel from countries throughout the world into a unified fee-for-all services approach to representation.

L&E Global’s alliance of premier boutique law firms includes twenty-four international practices with over 1,5000 attorneys worldwide located in :

- Argentina Allenda & Brea
- Austria Gerlach Rechtsanwälte

- Belgium Van Olmen Wynant

- Brasil TozziniFreire Advogados

- Canada Filion Wakely Thorup Angeletti
- Chile Cariola Díez Pérez-Cotapos

- China Zhong Lun Law Firm

- France Flichy Grangé Avocats

- Germany Pusch Wahlig Legal

- India IndusLaw

- Italy LABLAW Studio Legale Failla Rotondi & Partners

- Japan Atsuki & Sakai

- Luxembourg KLEYR | GRASSO

- Mexico Natividad Abogados

- Norway Storeng, Beck & Due Lund (SBDL)

- Netherlands Palthe Oberman

- New Zealand Swarbrick Beck Mackinnon

- Poland A. Sobczyk & Współpracownicy

- Portugal MLGTS

- Romania Magda Volonciu and Associates

- Spain Bufete Suárez de Vivero, S.L

- Sweden Cederquist

- Swiss Schmid Heinzen Humbert Lerch

- United Kingdom Clyde & Co LLP

- United States Jackson Lewis LLP

- Australia Harmers Workplace Lawyers

Each member firm concentrates its practice on employment law, employee benefits, labor relations and immigration, and each firm is recognized by clients and legal organizations as a leader in this field. Our member firms operate in every major U.S. city, throughout North America, in key European business centers as well as vital regions in the South Pacific.L&E offers access to highly experienced lawyers with excellent reputations, coupled with proficiency in international cases. This shared, innovative approach is accompanied by a seamless billing policy.

In 2014, L&E Global established affiliations with employment law departments of full-service firms in key jurisdictions in Brazil and Sweden – L&E Global’s “Affiliated Members”.

In addition, L&E Global has established reciprocal associated partnerships in more than 30 other important international business districts – such as those found in China, Russia and the United Kingdom.

By aligning their forces together, through L&E Global, these independent employment law boutiques become a single legal powerhouse for businesses working on complex cross-border labor and employment projects throughout the world.

Through one point of contact – L&E Global – businesses have all the information they need to manage their workforce affairs efficiently, with trustworthy advice from labor and employment law leaders from around the world, for favorable prices.

You can also find in depth articles and publications on L&E Global center here.

L&E Global…Innovation in practice.

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