Flichy Grangé Avocats - employment law


The negotiation of national collective agreements as well as branch-level, group, company-level or establishment-level agreements is subject to very precise rules established by the French Labour Code and by case law, as recently reformed by the law on labour/management relations.

The large number of topics that are required to be the subject of collective negotiations (with regards to salaries, annual and multi-annual employment projections, equality of men and women at work, older employees, employee savings schemes, etc.), the “social” challenges they represent and the way the various collective standards fit together necessitate the existence of this practice which is run by partners with a high level of experience in this area.

As setting working time, and more generally all questions in relation to work organisation, is often based on collective bargaining, branch-level or company-level agreements, this team has quite naturally developed specific know-how in assisting companies to define the best arrangement for them, both from an economic and an operational stand-point, favouring simplicity and flexibility.