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Flichy Grangé Avocats in partnership with La Cravate Solidaire as it expands nation-wide

La Cravate Solidaire

La Cravate Solidaire is a volunteer-based network, established to discourage discrimination at the point of recruitment, and notably appearance-based discrimination which affects vulnerable individuals who will be entering or re-entering the job market.  La Cravate Solidaire collects clothing from private citizens and firms, and sets up workshops which involve one-to-one sessions with the beneficiaries, who are advised and outfitted with suitable clothing for the business world.
Under the aegis of La Cravate Solidaire, a network united by shared values and methods, seven hundred volunteers intervene both at Paris and in the French provinces.
Flichy Grangé Avocats will be assisting La Cravate Solidaire as it moves on to the next stage:  from having a merely local impact to intervening nation-wide, and organising the network in such a way as to support national expansion.
This partnership will be able to rely upon our firm’s labour-law expertise and knowledge of the business world.