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Fees shall be determined further to consultation with the client.  Client and lawyer shall enter into a retainer agreement. (Act of Parliament known as Loi n° 2015-990 du 6 août 2015)

Fee arrangements

Based on time-sheets
The lawyer will inform the client of how much time the file (review and attendances) will likely take.  He will explain the hourly-rate, which may vary depending on the seniority of the lawyers assigned to the matter.

Lump-sum fee
Client and lawyer agree on a definitive fee. All attendances covered by that fee must be specifically indicated.

Extra outcome-based Fee
In addition to remuneration for attendances, the lawyer may agree with the client on an extra fee, in the light of the outcome or service rendered.

Médiateur national de la consommation de la profession d'avocat
(National Consumer Ombudsman for the Legal Profession)
Pursuant to Sections L.152-1 et seq. of the Code de la consommation (Consumer Code), should dispute arise with a lawyer, you may, free of charge, appeal to the Médiateur de la consommation (Consumer Ombudsman), acting as the national ombudsman to the Conseil National des Barreaux (CNB, National Law Societies National Council).  His contact details are these:
Carole Pascarel, Médiateur de la consommation de la profession d’avocat
Postal Address:  22 rue de Londres, 75009 Paris
E-mail :
Website :