Training policies & initiatives, work/study contracts, annual reviews, financing

Employers are expected to conduct ambitious occupational or vocational schemes, with support from the trade branches and training agencies. In recent years, a series of reforms have meant increased opportunities for success in this endeavor. However, benefiting from these new opportunities requires an efficient understanding of an ever-more complex legislation. Clearing a path through the current arrangements and advising you on how to best set up a suitable vocational training policy is this Practice’s goal.

On a day-to-day basis, companies, training agencies/entities, and trade branches benefit from the team’s advice and assistance with managing litigious or pre-litigious situations. We advise employers on how best to work out training policies, on setting up annual reviews, and on negotiating the attendant collective agreements specifically on the employer’s contribution to the statutory scheme known as the CPF (personal training account). We also assist training agencies with changes to their legal status or structure.