Collective agreements, collective bargaining and working time

The negotiation of national collective agreements or branch-level, group, company-level or establishment-level agreements cannot be improvised and obeys very precise rules set by the French Employment Code and case law as recently reformed by the bill on social dialogue, El Khomri Bill and most recently by the 2017 Macron reforms.

The numerous topics that are mandatory required to be the subject of collective negotiations (negotiations with regard to salaries, the new negotiations from the employment preservation Act, annual and multiannual employment projections, equality of women and men, in working life, employee savings schemes working life conditions, collective performance etc.), the “social” challenges they represent and the way the various collective standards fit together justify the existence of this practice which is run by partners with a high level of experience in this area.

As setting working time and in general, all questions in relation to work organisation are very often based on collective bargaining, branch-level or company-level agreements, this team has quite naturally developed specific know-how in helping companies to define the best arrangement for them, both from an economic and operational standpoint, favoring simplicity and flexibility.