Macron indemnity scale | Consequences of the war in Ukraine | Presidential election

Published on : 01/04/2022 01 April Apr 04 2022

Macron indemnity scale

An important ruling is due on 11th May to decide whether, in case a dismissal is ruled without fair grounds, labor courts may grant damages above the grading scale provided by the law. 

New measures to help businesses deal with the consequences of the war in Ukraine

Current Prime Minister Jean Castex officially announced the reactivation of several emergency measures created during the Covid-19 crisis, to support businesses impacted by the war:

- possibility of using long-term partial activity (LTPA) to cope with the activity reductions caused by export or raw material supply difficulties;

- allowing companies to defer all or part of the payment of  social security contributions and to obtain delays in the payment of their direct taxes;

- measures to help with dealing the cash flow, including an increase in the borrowing ceiling for State-guaranteed loans.

Presidential election

The French Republic President’s election is due to take place in April 10, 2022 for the first round, and on the 24th, for the second. Parliament elections will follow in June unless otherwise decided. Depending on their outcome, combined with the economic situation in light of the war in Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, one may expect new labor law related measures. More to come then!


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