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Tuesday October 10th 2017 | Reforming the Labour Code

Auteurs : Joël Grangé, Arnaud Chaulet, Jeannie Crédoz-Rosier, Aurélie Cormier Le Goff
Published on : 28/08/2017 28 août Août 2017
Specifically, what the Orders contain and more especially …
  • instance unique:  a single staff representative body; which firms are concerned; arrangements and deadlines
  • collective negotiations:  prerogatives of branch- and company-wide agreements; referendum arrangements
  • redundancy:  new purview for the economic rationale, order-of-dismissal and resettlement criteria
  • "sécurisation des relations de travail":  standard form for the dismissal letter; mandatory sliding-scale; measures to encourage conciliation
Led by Joël Grangé, Arnaud Chaulet, Jeannie Crédoz-Rosier and Aurélie Cormier Le Goff, partners.

We are pleased to announce that Pierre-André Imbert will take part.

Tuesday October 10th 2017 at 8 am at the Shangri-La Hotel on registration.


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