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Tuesday March 20th 2018 | Breakfast Briefing FGA | Collective Bargaining : Reforms on the way !

Published on : 15/02/2018 15 février Fév. 2018
Overview of the benefits of the Executive Ordinances issued on 22nd September 2017, details of Ordinance n°6 that fixes and modifies the previous 5 and the regulatory decrees enacting those Orders, published in December 2017.

Expected changes to the legislative act that ratifies the Ordinances.
  • New flexibility given by company-wide agreements VS the law and branch or inter-professional agreements?
  • What majority rules will apply?
  • How can an agreement be entered into when the Company has no staff delegates, or where it has a Works Council,
  • Under what circumstances may the employer hold a referendum to ratify the agreement?  What are the arrangements for holding such a referendum?
  • Will it be worthwhile to enter into “collective performance agreements” designed to prevail over the employment contract’s terms?
  • Mandatory negotiations:  what will the changes be?  Should a dispute arise, can these collective agreements really be “nailed down”?

With our partners Charlotte Michaud and Aurélie Cormier Le Goff.

Event takes place at eight-thirty in the morning, at the Maison des arts et métiers.  Registration here, free of charge.


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