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New Legislation | In brief: Macron reforms: Softening the rules regarding dismissal letters

Published on : 04/01/2018 04 janvier Janv. 2018
Up to now, in personal and economic dismissals, employers were barred from adding or specifying grounds of the termination after the dismissal letter had been sent to the employee. One of the Macron decrees has modified this rule. Employers may now add on to the letters on their own initiative 15 days after the letter has been sent, or if the employee requests it, within 15 days after the reception of the request.  
The revised dismissal letter shall set the frame of any litigation concerning the grounds of the dismissal. This means that the employer is still bound by the content of the dismissal letter in case of litigation, but will be able to reinforce the grounds mentioned, for example by detailing what is held against the employee.
The softening of these rules entered into force as from December 18, 2017.


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