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Paid leave in France

Published on : 04/07/2023 04 July Jul 07 2023


The employee is entitled to two and a half working days' leave for each month actually worked for the same employer. The total leave entitlement may not exceed 30 working days (5 weeks) for a full working year. The reference period for the calculation of leave entitlement is 1 June to 31 May, unless another period is established by company or industry agreement. Collective agreements may provide for additional leave days. It is the employer's responsibility to determine the dates of paid leave and to ensure that employees take it.

To take paid leave, follow these steps:

• Inform employees of the vacation period at least 2 months before it begins. This period is determined by company agreement or, if there is no agreement, by the employer after consultation of the CSE. Check to see if your company is covered by a specific collective agreement on paid leave.

• Determine the order of departure. Employees can express their wishes regarding the dates of their leave, but it is ultimately up to the employer to decide on the dates and duration. Again, check the terms of any collective bargaining agreement that may provide for special arrangements. In the absence of contractual provisions, the order is determined by the employer after consultation with the CSE.

• Ensure that employees take the paid leave they have earned as it is the employer's responsibility to ensure that all employees benefit from and take their paid leave.


• Married or PACS employees working for the same company are entitled to simultaneous leave. The employer cannot refuse to apply this rule.

• Don’t change the dates of leave less than one month before the date originally set. A collective bargaining agreement may provide for a shorter period.


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