Loi Rebsamen: new rules for labour-management dialogue

Published on : 15/10/2015 15 October Oct 10 2015

The new Act of Parliament known as the Loi Rebsamen:  new rules for labour-management dialogue.

With the participation of Pierre-André Imbert, Head of Cabinet to the Minister of Labour, Employment, Occupational Training and Labour-Management Dialogue.
  • Simplification of staff representative bodies:  All firms with a workforce of less than 300 may henceforth elect a Délégation unique du personnel, which may also include the Health & Safety Committee.  Provided a collective agreement be signed to that effect, in firms with a workforce of less than 300 the Works Council, staff delegates and Health & Safety Committee may all henceforth form a single body.
  • The Works Council and Health & Safety Committee’s operations will be simplified:  new rules concerning the frequency of meetings and deadlines for consulting the Health & Safety Committee; videoconferencing; only three consultations annually will now be required, rather than 17.
  • Staff representatives:  remuneration guaranteed; career-evaluation meeting; gender-balanced representation
  • New negotiating rules:  mandatory annual negotiations over three issues; negotiations where there are no trades-union delegates
  • For very small businesses, regional joint labour-management committees to be set up:  access to companies, operating costs, protected status of members
  • Employees on the Board of Directors:  henceforth this applies to companies with a workforce of over 1,000, rather than to those with a workforce of over 5,000.
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