Dismissals in France: the case for selecting grievances

Published on : 28/03/2024 28 March Mar 03 2024

The Paris Court of Appeal has recently upheld a Supreme Court ruling that emphasizes the balance between an employee's freedom of expression and an employer's right to enforce its corporate culture.

The case features a dispute over the dismissal of an employee in France who criticized his employer's 'fun' culture employee.

Caroline Scherrmann, Partner at Flichy Grangé Avocats, analyzes this specific case, in an article authored for International Employment Lawyer, emphasizing fundamental principles of French employment law regarding the intricacies of dismissal procedures.

It serves as a significant reminder of the necessity of basing dismissals on legitimate and substantial grounds, while carefully avoiding infringing on fundamental freedoms such as freedom of expression and protection against harassment.

Download here the full article to apprehend the legal obligations, rights, and best practices for managing employee grievances and dismissals.


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